Energylandia, located near Krakow in Poland, is one of Europe’s youngest and fastest growing Theme Parks. Their 2018 addition “Hyperion” put them on the Map for any coaster enthusiast, they are currently building the largest RMC Hybrid on this side of the Atlantic Ocean and there are no signs of their growth slowing down in the near future. It is owned and operated by Energy 2000, a company that also operates large scale dance clubs in Poland. They also host several music events in the park throughout the year.

For a first time visitor like I was it can be a bit overwhelming to be here for the first couple of hours. This is because unless you are at the edge of the Park you are always surrounded by attractions and no matter where you look you always look at some sort of coaster tracks. And the fact that it isn’t always very obvious where the entrance to a ride is doesn’t help either. But hey, not knowing exactly where a ride has it’ s exit has it’s benefits too: You might just end up standing in front of something you wanted to ride anyway. And to be fair, with the exception of the center area most of the layout is fairly easy to understand after a couple of hours.

Even if it might look like it on some pictures, Energylandia doesn’t have any larger themed areas like you see at places like Europa Park or Phantasialand. They do theme their rides, sometimes even really well, but a Shop or two with the same theme is the best you can expect here. Considering that everything looks great and I don’t mind the lack of larges themed ares anyway. For me having great rides is the main thing that matters, having them well themed up is merely a nice bonus for me.

Adding to the sensation of being overwhelmed is the sheer amount of rides on offer. At the time I visited they had 12 Rollercoasters ranging from the most basic Kiddie Coasters to a spinning Wild Mouse to a family friendly Inverted coaster to a Launch Coaster all the way to a record breaking Water Coaster and of cause Hyperion. In addition they have not one but two River Rapids, a small, but very wet Log Flume and a Shoot-the-Chutes. Sprinkled in everywhere are Flat Rides of all varieties, a 4D Cinema in a stylish Pyramid, a small shooting Darkride and at least two small Monorail style attractions. The only thing really missing is a proper Darkride with amazing Show scenes.

Currently they have arguably 5 main coasters. These are Speed, their water coaster, Roller Coaster Mayan, the SLC, Dragon Roller Coaster, a Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster, Formula, a Vekoma Launch Coaster, and Hyperion, their Intamin Hyper Coaster. The only noteworthy thing about Mayan would be that it uses modern soft restraints that eliminate the painful headbanging SLC’s are known for. Even though it is a fairly new installation you can still feel that the ride itself isn’t much smoother than most other coasters of this type, which finally answered my year long question if they just become bad or are bad out of the box with the later. Speed on the other hand is a near identical clone of Divertical in Mirabilandia with a few changes that make Speed a bit faster and longer while eliminating the Block Brakes.

Dragon is yet another cloned coaster, but considering that it is a clone of Orkanen in Denmark you just can’t hold it against the ride. For a family coaster it is surprisingly fast and intense with a layout that has fun written all over it. The first drop leads into a giant, smoke filled Dragon mouth. Following this tunnel is a over banked turn back over the lake. The rest of the Layout focuses on quick, and often tight, turns and helixes. The lap bar restraints in combination with the inverted nature of the ride give it a very open feeling. This is a prime example of what a good family ride should be. My US Readers can look forward for the first installation of a clone of this in Dollywood, you will probably be as surprised as I am about how much fun it is.

Formula was my first taste of where Vekoma is headed with their new generation of coasters. And it still tastes good. Even though it features several inversions it is very much still a family ride, it is somewhat similar to what Mack does with their launch coasters, but Vekoma has the huge benefit of a actually good launch. In just 560m of track Vekoma managed to pack in 3 inversions, several great airtime hills and direction change after direction change. After the initial Sidewinder Element (essentially a Looping with a 90° twisted exit) most of the layout is low to the ground which helps with making the ride feel faster than it is. Only point of complaint would be the lack of intensity, there isn’t much in the way of positive forces. But in general it is a great ride. If this is where Vekoma is headed, I’m all in for it.

Without a doubt the current stat attraction is Hyperion. It proudly sits between the parking lot and a public road and somehow it manages to avoid the typical parking lot coaster feel that rides like Silver Star have. It is the highest and fastest non-launched coaster in Europe, and even in the overall ranking only beaten by Red Force. Between the end of the lift hill and the final brake run is nothing to slow you down, no trim brakes, no mid course brake runs, only massive airtime hills, a couple of low to the ground turns, two moments of what can only be described as sideways airtime and a dive drop as the turn around that in itself is probably higher than most, if not all, other coasters in the park. The amount of airtime is insane, the positive forces in between are just as crazy and when you sit on the rear-right outer seat that dive drop keeps you out of the seat from the moment you hit the crest in front of it until halfway down the element. Combine this with lap bars and a generally very open train design and you truly have a world class coaster. Hyperion alone was well worth traveling a total of over 2.000 km to get to Energylandia and back home again.

Trying to cover all of Energylandias attractions would be insane. Like I mentioned you are always surrounded by something and it is easy to miss something. They have pretty much everything here. Topspin, Freefall, smaller carousels, you name it, they probably have it. During the summer season they also operate a water park that is included with your entry, but I couldn’t test it since it was closed during my late October visit. As for Shows I sadly can’t say too much. I only saw a Fire Show and a special Halloween Themed Show, bot where good, but nothing outstanding or too special. They do have a Stunt Show and at least one more Show in a Colosseum style arena, but both didn’t play during my visit.

Energylandia is well worth a visit and I highly recommend to stay two days here, especially when you plan to visit during the summer. Ticket prices are crazy cheap when compared to parks in middle- and western Europe, food and merchandise are also very reasonably priced. I had some fast food on both days and it was very solid food, way above what you would get at the regular, big fast food chains.

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