Some YouTube Channels

YouTube is without a doubt the biggest site when it comes to User Generated Video Content. Anyone with a idea in their head can start a channel and begin uploading Videos there about pretty much any topic they want. And while creating Video Content isn’t really my thing, I do enjoy watching videos. Here I want to present some Channels about Theme Parks and / or Theme Park related Video Games or other Topics that fall into the wider category that I like to watch. Some of these are well known, some of them are fairly unknown, and who knows, maybe you find something in here that you like.

The first channel I want to cover is arguably the most unique of them all and the one with the smallest audience by a long shot. AKorgan covers music from Theme Parks on a Church Organ. There is a bit of Video Game music thrown in for good measure in the older Uploads as well, but pretty much everything from the last two years is from Theme Parks. Because of the unique Instrument the music has a really special vibe to it, and I actually do prefer some of her Interpretations over the Originals, like i.e. the Themes for Fenix at Toverland or the one for Star Trek: Operation Enterprise from Movie Park Germany. The woman that runs the channel studied church music and her daily job is church musician and with the AKorgan channel she wants to give people the chance to listen to music on a organ that isn’t typical for the instrument. Sometimes several months can pass between uploads, but considering the unique and quality content I don’t want to complain here.

AKorgan on YouTube

There are many channels that focus on POV’s and Offride footage of Roller Coasters. Most of them are focused on Rides in the USA and / or Europe and even from Japan it is fairly easy to find footage for most coasters. But when it comes to China your best bet is MiyaPA Masane. The Channel has POV’s for many brand new and older rides and it doesn’t stop at the coasters from well respected manufacturers, even terrible and shoddy Chinese made Knock-Offs are well represented here. Many of the coasters featured here really make me want to plan a China Coaster Tour. In addition to the Coaster content you can find time laps videos of some Chinese Public Transportation Lines and Minecraft recreations of some of these lines.

MiyaPA Masane on YouTube

To stay on topic with POV’s and Offride Footage, my channel of choice for Coasters in the USA and Europe is CoasterForce. The vast majority of their content is from the US, but they do feature many smaller and lesser known parks here. In addition to regular POV’s they often have a 360° POV as well that is ideal for watching with a VR Headset. They sprinkle some Flat Rides and Drop Towers in every once in a while and to mix things up a bit more the channel also uploads many official announcement Videos and Preview Animations along with some Interviews to give you a solid all round package.

CoasterForce on YouTube

Sometimes the Story surrounding a once beloved Ride or Park can be really interesting. In 2017 Defunctland started as just one Show Format on Kevin Perjurer’s channel, but ever since the the format started it got so popular that it is now not only the channels name but also it’s main topic and non-related videos can’t be found on the channel anymore. Defunctland dives deep into the history of a Rides or Parks creation, the reception and lifetime of it and why it was eventually closed or replaced. Because of this dedication to cover a chosen topic in it’s entirety never videos in the series are often between 20-30 Minutes long, give or take 5 Minutes here and there while older ones where usually under 15 Minutes, but regardless of the length it never get’s boring. Additional content is a DefunctTV and some Interviews and Podcasts covering the topics of the Defuntland and DefuncTV Episodes that where uploaded before them.

Defunctland on YouTube

At first glance Expedition Theme Park might look like a Defunctland Knock-Off. And while the Expedition Extinct Videos are indeed somewhat similar in their structure, the channel covers a wider variety of Topics. Many of the videos here talk about the history of rides and Parks that are still around and they cover the history up to the point when the video was made. Sometimes these are rides that had a troubled history like The Smiler or things that went through a lot of changes in their lifetime like most of Epcot’s Pavilions. Expedition Theme Park and Defunctland complement each other really well by covering similar topics with different enough approaches to make both worth watching.

Expedition Theme Park on YouTube

People like to list and rank things, and Theme Park Crazy does a great job at finding interesting topics. What are the most Remote Coasters in the US and which Coasters was open to the Public for the shortest amount of time? What Coaster Models have gone extinct and which Coasters got an Element removed? What are some of the worlds worst Coasters, craziest Flatrides or tallest Loops? Some of these Videos have borderline Clickbait Titles to them, but the content does deliver. In addition to the regular Lists you get some official announcement Videos, Interviews and Vlogs. In the past the channel also did some Former Coaster Videos for some Parks and a few really solid Videos on failed Rides.

Theme Park Crazy on YouTube

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